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FSSAI Registration Renewal

Description: Discover the step-by-step process of FSSAI renewal in Telangana. This comprehensive guide outlines the necessary documents, procedures, and benefits of renewing your FSSAI license, ensuring continued compliance with food safety regulations for your food business.


Renewing your FSSAI license in Telangana is a crucial step in ensuring continued compliance with food safety regulations. This comprehensive guide provides a step-by-step process for FSSAI renewal in Telangana. By following these steps and understanding the requirements, you can ensure that your food business remains in compliance with food safety regulations and operates with credibility and confidence.

1. Importance of FSSAI Renewal in Telangana:

Renewing your FSSAI license in Telangana holds several key benefits:

a) Legal Compliance: FSSAI renewal ensures that your food business continues to operate in accordance with the food safety regulations set by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI).

b) Credibility and Trust: Renewing your FSSAI license enhances the credibility and trustworthiness of your food business, reassuring consumers about the safety and quality of your food products.

c) Compliance with Changing Regulations: Renewal allows you to adapt to any updated or new food safety regulations, ensuring that your business remains compliant with the latest requirements.

d) Market Access: Many institutions, government bodies, and large-scale buyers require a valid FSSAI license for partnerships or collaborations. Renewal ensures your business remains eligible for market opportunities and contracts.

2. Documents Required for FSSAI Renewal in Telangana:

To renew your FSSAI license in Telangana, gather the following essential documents:

a) Form A or Form B: Depending on the category of your food business, you will need to submit either Form A or Form B for renewal.

b) Copy of Existing License: Provide a copy of your existing FSSAI license.

c) Annual Returns: Submit the annual returns for your food business, including details such as production capacity, sales turnover, and other relevant information.

d) Self-declaration: Include a self-declaration stating that your food business continues to meet the necessary hygiene and safety standards.

e) Any other specific documents as required by the FSSAI or Telangana State Food Safety Department.

3. Steps for FSSAI Renewal in Telangana:

Follow these step-by-step instructions to renew your FSSAI license in Telangana:

a) Determine the License Category: Identify the category of your existing FSSAI license (such as Basic Registration, State License, or Central License) to understand the renewal process and requirements.

b) Collect Required Documents: Gather all the necessary documents mentioned above for FSSAI renewal.

c) Form Submission: Submit the completed application form (Form A or Form B) along with the required documents to the Telangana State Food Safety Department or through the online FSSAI portal.

d) Application Review: The Telangana State Food Safety Department reviews your renewal application and documents submitted.

e) Verification and Inspection: The department may conduct an inspection or verification process to ensure continued compliance with hygiene, infrastructure, and safety standards.

f) License Renewal: Upon successful verification and compliance, the Food Safety Department renews your FSSAI license, extending its validity.

4. Compliance and Timely Renewal:

To maintain compliance and ensure timely renewal of your FSSAI license:

a) Adhere to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Food Safety Management Systems (FSMS) as per FSSAI guidelines.

b) Keep records and documentation updated, including food safety management plans and regular self-inspection reports.

c) Set reminders for upcoming renewals to avoid any lapse in license validity.


FSSAI renewal in Telangana is a crucial step for food businesses to maintain compliance with food safety regulations. By following the step-by-step process outlined in this guide and ensuring timely renewal, you can continue operating your food business with credibility and trust. Renew your FSSAI license in Telangana today and demonstrate your commitment to food safety and consumer satisfaction.

Required Documents For FSSAI License Renewal

Passport size Photo

Copy of Pan Card

Copy of Electricity Bill

Sale Deed ( If owned )

Copy of Aadhar Card

Old FSSAI Certificate

Copy of Rental agreement (if Rented)

Copy of No Objection

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The Importance of FSSAI Registration Renewal:

1. Legal Requirement: Renewing your FSSAI registration is a legal obligation for all food businesses. It ensures your continued eligibility to operate in the food industry.

2. Consumer Trust: A valid and up-to-date FSSAI registration instills confidence in your consumers, assuring them of the quality and safety of your food products.

3. Regulatory Compliance: Renewal ensures that your business continues to meet the standards and guidelines set forth by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India.

4. Business Continuity: Maintaining an active FSSAI registration is crucial for the uninterrupted operation of your food business.

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