Ensure Employee Financial Security with PF Registration Services in Bowenpally, Hyderabad

PF Registration in Hyderabad Telangana

Financial security is a cornerstone of a stable and motivated workforce. The Employee Provident Fund (EPF) scheme is a vital component of this security net, providing long-term savings and retirement benefits to employees. At Invention Tax Solutions, we recognize the significance of this scheme and are committed to simplifying the PF Registration process for businesses.

Advantages of PF Registration for Employers:

  1. Employee Retention and Loyalty: Offering EPF benefits demonstrates a commitment to your employees’ financial well-being, leading to increased loyalty and retention rates.

  2. Tax Benefits for Employers: Employer contributions to the EPF are eligible for tax deductions, providing a financial incentive for businesses to participate in the scheme.

  3. Legal Compliance: Registration under the EPF Act is mandatory for businesses with 20 or more employees. Compliance ensures that you avoid legal complications and penalties.

  4. Financial Security for Employees: The EPF scheme provides employees with a reliable source of long-term savings, ensuring their financial security after retirement.

  5. Competitive Advantage: Providing EPF benefits can be a valuable recruitment tool, attracting talent looking for comprehensive employee benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How is the EPF contribution calculated? A: Both the employer and employee contribute 12% of the employee’s basic salary and dearness allowance towards the EPF account.

Q: Can employees withdraw from their EPF account before retirement? A: Employees can make partial withdrawals under specific circumstances, such as medical emergencies, housing, education, or marriage expenses.

Q: How long does it take to obtain PF Registration? A: With Invention Tax Solutions, you can expect to receive your PF Registration certificate within 15-20 working days, subject to government processing times.


Invention Tax Solutions is your trusted partner in providing financial security to your employees through PF Registration in Bowenpally, Hyderabad. Let us assist you in ensuring a stable and prosperous future for your workforce. Contact us today at 7993132530 and take a proactive step towards securing the financial well-being of your employees. Choose Invention Tax Solutions for a more secure tomorrow!

Required Documents for Registration.

List of Required Documents for Company Registration

  • Copy of PAN Card of directors
  • Passport size photograph of directors
  • Aadhaar Card/ Voter identity card of directors
  • Copy of Rent agreement (If rented property)
  • Electricity/ Water bill (Business Place)
  • Copy of Property papers(If owned property)
  • Landlord NOC (Format will be provided)
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