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Forming a society can be a powerful way to bring like-minded individuals together for a common cause. Whether it’s for charitable, educational, cultural, or any other socially beneficial purpose, proper registration is crucial. Invention Tax Solutions, located in Habsiguda, Hyderabad, specializes in providing seamless society registration services. With our experienced team, we guide you through the process, ensuring that your society is legally compliant and ready to make a positive impact.

Understanding Society Registration
Significance of Society Registration
  1. Legal Recognition: Registration provides your society with legal recognition, allowing it to enter contracts, own property, and conduct activities in its name.

  2. Accountability and Transparency: Registered societies are required to maintain proper accounts and records, ensuring transparency in their operations.

  3. Credibility and Trust: Registration adds credibility to your society’s activities, instilling trust in donors, members, and stakeholders.

Why Choose Invention Tax Solutions for Society Registration?
Expertise in Regulatory Procedures

Navigating the complexities of society registration can be intricate. Invention Tax Solutions boasts a team of experts well-versed in these processes, ensuring a seamless and efficient registration.

Compliance Assurance

We ensure that your society remains compliant with all the legal requirements and regulations related to society registration.

Personalized Support

We understand that each society has its unique goals and purposes. Our approach is tailored to your specific cause, ensuring that the registration process aligns perfectly with your mission.

The Society Registration Process
Step by Step
  1. Name Selection: Choose a unique name for your society and ensure that it aligns with the objectives of your organization.

  2. Memorandum of Association: Draft and file the Memorandum of Association, which outlines the aims, objectives, and rules of your society.

  3. Rules and Regulations: Prepare the rules and regulations that will govern the functioning of your society.

  4. Application Submission: Submit the necessary documents, including the Memorandum of Association and rules, to the Registrar of Societies.

  5. Verification and Approval: The Registrar will review the documents and, if everything is in order, approve the registration.

  6. Certificate of Registration: Upon approval, a Certificate of Registration will be issued, officially recognizing your society.


Invention Tax Solutions is your dedicated partner for society registration services in Habsiguda, Hyderabad. With our expertise and personalized approach, we ensure a seamless process, providing your society with the legal framework it needs to make a meaningful impact on society.

  1. Can a society be registered for any purpose? Yes, societies can be registered for a wide range of purposes, including charitable, educational, cultural, religious, and more.

  2. How many members are required to form a society? The minimum number of members required to form a society varies by state. In Telangana, for example, a society can be formed with a minimum of seven members.

  3. Can a society work outside the state where it is registered? Yes, a registered society can operate throughout India. However, it may need to fulfill certain additional requirements depending on the activities it wishes to undertake.

  4. Is it possible to alter the aims and objectives of a registered society? Yes, the aims and objectives of a society can be altered, but it requires the approval of the members and compliance with legal procedures.

  5. What are the annual compliance requirements for a registered society? Registered societies are required to submit annual reports and maintain proper accounts and records. The specific requirements may vary by state.

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Required Documents For Registration.

List of Required Documents for Company Registration

  • Copy of PAN Card of directors
  • Passport size photograph of directors
  • Aadhaar Card/ Voter identity card of directors
  • Copy of Rent agreement (If rented property)
  • Electricity/ Water bill (Business Place)
  • Copy of Property papers(If owned property)
  • Landlord NOC (Format will be provided)
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